I Have to Leave to Be Me, New Publication By Human Rights Watch

“My mom called her brothers to beat me. I think they were trying to beat it out of me, convert me. But this is who I am, I can’t change it,” said Ernest, who is gay and lives in Barbados, where homosexuality is punishable by law with life imprisonment.

Paradoxically, whereas most of Latin America has been praised for introducing progressive legislations, the Caribbean so-called “anti-sodomy laws” – relics of British colonialism – represent one of the most ostracizing and discriminatory legal traditions. Rather than being rigorously enforced, however, the Caribbean laws are meant to exclude a vulnerable social group and to legitimize prejudice and violence against its members. In that way, they accomplish the perpetuation of the cycle of abuse and discrimination targeting LGBTQ community.

Read the new publication “I Have to Leave to Be Me – Discriminatory Laws against LGBT People in the Eastern Caribbean” by Human Rights Watch:

i have to leave to be me

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